Volunteers wanted for dekatron history project...

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As some of you know, one of my interests is in dekatron history. A few years back I ran a large survey of tube markings which enabled the two letter date code used by ETL (Ericsson Telephones Ltd) to be pretty much figured out.

There were a few wrinkles and unexplained bits in that model, so I've carried on digging away. After a recent bit of inspiration, I think I'm very close to a revised model which will sort out all the issues.

But I need some help to nail down the last bit. So, if you own any of the British dekatrons made by ETL, Ericsson or Etelco and you'd like to join the project, I'd love to hear from you...

No specialist knowledge needed - just your eyes and of course the tubes!



PS The dekatrons involved have model numbers beginning GC, GS or CV
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