Replacement Makenology IN14 tubes with U shaped plug

2 months 2 weeks ago #12629 by ahdobsonuk2
Hi. I have a Makenology clock with IN14 tubes. The tubes have a U shaped plastic adapter around the connection wires. As Makenology have gone bust, is there anywhere else I can buy replacement tubes from with this fitting? Thanks for your help in advance.

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2 months 2 weeks ago #12631 by Ty_Eeberfest
I have no idea myself, but now that I approved your post everybody can see it and maybe somebody know where to get them.

When you look up the bottom of that tube assembly are the solder joints of the tube pins accessible, i.e. not buried under the edges of the connectors or something? If so, I would try removing the bad tubes from the connector assemblies and reuse the assemblies on new tubes. To make it easier I'd cut off the pins of the bad tube right below the glass, that way the pins can be desoldered and removed one by one, and also that gives you access to the solder that looks like it has "climbed up" the pins. If you have a good solder sucker and some patience it shouldn't be too bad a job but if you try it with nothing but an iron and desoldering braid it might not go so well!

Look into it later when the dust is clearing off the crater.

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