Smart Sockets for Telefunken ZM 1350

1 year 2 months ago #10716 by Torsten Lang
I just have completed a minimalistic system and a bit of demo code to test my hardware and the power supply.

My hardware seems to work fine - well, in contrast to other projects like my clock or my throttles it is quite simple.

The power supply performs according to the quality of the layout: With low input voltage the output voltage becomes unstable and ripples quite a lot. This is clearly visible on the tube. To get a sufficiently stable output voltage an input voltage of at least 24V is needed.

I hope that it is really capable to deliver the specified output power. I will see when connecting more modules...


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1 year 2 months ago #10843 by ka96

Interestingly enough, I had created a nixie power supply capable of at least 200 milliamps for some fellow neon enthusiasts. You can check if out here:

It is a boost converter design, but I have managed to achieve 91% efficiency at 12 to 180 volts boost, at 200 milliamps of high voltage out. I still have a handful on tindie if you're interested.


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11 months 2 weeks ago #11074 by Torsten Lang
Hi Kevin,
sorry for the long delay of my answer. Your power supply would meet my requirements, unfortunately shipping is quite expensive and upon this go the import tax and customs duties.

Another point to mention: Do I understand your offer at Tindy correct that you ship complete devices? If yes, for a commercial product (which it is) a registration would be needed (where the visible part is the CE sign on the PCB).

I know of massive problems e. g. with model railroad locomotives where people had problems with their imports from the US because the CE certification was missing and the items were either destroyed or returned.

I have similar problems with my clocks the other way round which I sell as kits only for the exact reason.

With best regards,

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