Options for connecting IN-1 tubes

5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #7415 by Ty_Eeberfest
I personally wouldn't use Molex pins but that's just me. I'm building for myself and don't have to meet a price point so I spend the extra money for the good stuff - in this case machined pins made for this purpose. Those Molex pins fall into the "cheap stamped pins" I was referring to above. Sure they'll work but for how long before they start having issues?

EDIT: Look at the piece those Molex are designed to mate with. It's not just a "stiff wire" like a tube pin. It's slotted to make it "compressible", and that matters.

Look into it later when the dust is clearing off the crater.
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5 years 5 months ago #7422 by JayRo72
Thanks for your ideas, guys. That give me lots to think about. I'll do some experimenting and see what works best!

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5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #7450 by Ian
I was talking to Manuel (of nwts fame) and he gave me his experience with various pins he has used, also for IN-1.

He uses Mill-Max 0390. (Part number 0390-0-15-01-08-27-10-0):

The price from Mouser is around $0.42 each in quantites of 1000. For a 6 digit clock, you'll need 66, so that comes to $27 just for the sockets. Gulp.

From the Nocrotec shop: www.nocrotec.com/shop/product_info.php/i...or-pin--2-36-mm.html these fit

11TU7, 4CG-10A-2, 6370, 6476, 6476A, 6482, 6802, 6909, 6910, 7031, 7032, 705A, B-7011, B-7031, B-7032, BD-307, CD12, CD16, CD16A, CD16B, CD27, CD27/GR-401, CD40, CD42, CD46, CD46(LD-669), CD47, CD47/GR-411, CD47/GR-414, CD67, CD95, CD95/GR-311, CK6476, CK6802, CK6909, CK6910, CT783, CV1739, CV1739GC10/4B, CV2199, CV2223, CV2223-G10/241E, CV2271, CV2325, CV2325GS10C/S, CV5106, CV5143, CV5291, CV5351, CV5351GN-5A, CV6044, CV6100, CVX2223, DC-10A, DC-10A-2, DK11, DK12, DK13, DK14, DK15, DK16, DK18, DK20, DK23, DK23/4CG-10A-2, DK27, DK31, DM10B-1, DM10B-2, DU10A-2, DZ10, E1T, ELW1, ELW-1, G10/200E, G10/240E, G10/241E, G10/241K, GC10/3A, GC10/4B, GC10/4B CV1739, GC10/4B/L, GC10A, GC10B, GC10B/L, GC10B/L CV6044, GC10B/S, GC10B/S CV2271, GC10B-L, GC10B-S, GC10C, GC10C/S, GC10D, GC12/4B, GI-21, GI-30, GN-1, GN2, GN-2, GN-2A, GN-5, GN-5A, GR10A, GR-1162, GR-1406, GR-1620, GR-1706, GR-311, GR-401, GR-411, GR-414, GR-628, GR-727, GS10C, GS10C/S, GS10C/S CV2325, GS10D, GS10E, GS12D, IN-1(ИН-1), LC-516, LD-619, LD-620, LD-640, LD-646, LD-669, LD-738, M2465-401C, M2465-402, M2465-403C, N.I.1, N.I.2, OG3 (ОГ3), OG4 (ОГ4), OG5 (ОГ5), OG5-II-60 (ОГ5-II-60), OG7 (ОГ7), OG8 (ОГ8), OG9 (ОГ9), OQ-1 (K8A base), OQ-3, S10S1, S10S1Sp, VX9194, VX9194 CV6044, VX9194/4B, VX9194/CV6044, Z302C, Z303C, Z303C CV2271, Z502S, Z503M.

If you get them from Nocrotec, they are €1.20 each, so that makes €80. Triple gulp.
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5 years 5 months ago #7455 by Accutron
Wow, I had forgotten how expensive those mill-max pins are. Years ago we used to sell white ceramic IN-1 sockets, along with the tubes. I can't remember where we originally sourced them, but I think it was a Chinese dealer. We've also used the stamped metal pins in kits without any problems, but the mill-max pins are much nicer.

If there are any brick-and-mortar electronics part stores in your area, you should check there first before subjecting yourself to an online parts distributor. About 10 years ago, I decided to swap the incandescent panel lamps in one of my old minicomputers with LED replacements. The lamps were 28V T1-3/4 midget flange, and I needed 63 of them. The normal incandescent lamps could be had for pennies apiece, but all of the major online parts dealers I checked wanted about $8.00 each for the LEDs, which would've added up to around $500 to replace all of the lamps. I decided to check one of the local electronics stores instead, and found the same parts for $0.40 apiece.

Of course, I couldn't get away with that now, as the store in question now price checks everything online before they'll sell it to you. I guess it's a good thing that I cleaned out their stock of $0.25 Intel 4004s, long before they implemented their price checking procedure. We made some impressive 4004 profits on eBay that year.

Micah Mabelitini

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