can't login to WIFI module

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Hello. I started a topic on this a few months ago, but have been busy and didn't have time to get back at it.

THE PROBLEM.. I can SEE the SSID "NixieTimeModule" and seems like I can connect to it, but that's it. I DO get an IP address from it but can't get to any interface.

I've been looking around, and I *think* maybe I found an issue ? I see on the kits page the WiFi clock module says it is a REPLACEMENT for the RTC module. Does that mean the RTC module should be REMOVED ? Currently I have both installed.

Anyway, just a thought for now. I guess next step is to install new 8266...

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Assuming your kit was purchased within the last 2 years or so, it's okay to have both the RTC and the ESP modules installed at the same time. On kits older than 2ish years they were mutually exclusive. I really don't think this is the problem.

Because you said that you got an IP from the ESP when it's in access point mode I'd say the ESP is also okay. This may be nothing but a misunderstanding due to instructions not keeping up with software changes...

I would imagine the IP it gave you is or at least something in the 192.168.4.* range. If not, we need to figure out why. But assuming you have received an IP in the correct range you should now fire up your web browser and try to go to:

That should get you to the setup pages. Let me know what happens.

Look into it later when the dust is clearing off the crater.
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