Classic 6, repeat the original factory settings.

2 years 3 months ago #10417 by kakawlala
My classic 6 clock works fine for 3 months, but it suddenly has problems. When I input DC12V, the original settings are automatically restored after the clock is running. I can see Sometimes is automatically restarted again after When I re-enter 12 volts and press the button (manually start recovery mode) I can see 0 to 9 digits, but it may again restart again. If you are lucky, you can see 8 and press the button. At this time, the LED and the lamp are completely dark, and it is not normal to continue 8888888, and the voltage adjustment is performed. Only after 5 seconds of darkness, only the LED is bright. I tried to remove the lamp and do the original factory settings. In the absence of lamp load. It is possible to measure VCC = 5.8 and HV = 218. The strange thing is that sometimes the high voltage is turned off for 60 seconds. Sometimes it is only 15 seconds off. I can only remove the power supply all the time, plus the power supply. Look at the HV time.

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