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Wow, lot of questions, here we go, one at a time:

Pacman223 wrote: A few questions for you Ian.

Could your clock ever give the Tempature? And or Humidity?

it currently gives the temperature from the RTC module (if you have that installed), but the module is usually inside the case, so that gives you results that are not realistic.

However, one of the real features of the module is that it has an exposed I2C interface, so you can interface it with any (or many) modules.

If you wanted an external temperature/humidity module, that's trivial from an electronic point of view and a bit more challenging on the code level.

Pacman223 wrote: Have you tried IN-18 tubes? Do you get blue spots?

No, but it is on the list to try. I regularly use tubes of "lower" status such as IN-1, IN-12, IN-14, IN-4, IN-16. People have bought the kit to use with IN-18, and I never heard anything more of them.

My doubt is that the High Voltage generator is not able to keep up with the current draw required by the larger IN-18.

I'll do a test in the coming weeks: I promise...

Pacman223 wrote: Maybe I missed this part.. If it was already stated, but does your current code allow you to set the cathode protection (slot machine effect?) every 10 min? Or some sort of user selected length? I find every 10 min to be very appealing, vs every minute, or every hour

Yes, with the additional feature that when you are fully dimmed, the ACP can be configured to be skipped. It's disturbing at night in a dark room that all of a sudden the dim, relaxed clock in the corner bursts into angry life.

Pacman223 wrote: What do you need to transfer your program to your chip? I.e. If I got your board, could I use a USB plug and update its program?

On the module, there is an ICSP header. You can program the controller without even removing it from the board, but for that you need an appropriate programmer. There is no USB on board, that would be a fair amount of extra circuitry to carry around.

If you don't have an ICSP unit, there's a trick you can do with an old Arduino UNO

As long as you get a controller chip with the boot loader installed (the ones I supply have it by default, but there are hundreds of Ebay sellers who also provide them), you can just put the controller in the Arduino board and upload it.

If you don't have a boot loader on the controller, you'll need an external programmer, but also this is not a huge challenge (once you know how).

Pacman223 wrote: I do think that at some time, writing/modifying my own nixie clock code might be something that I would like to do in the future... Very interesting and different kind of project for me.

I would encourage you to have a go. All of a sudden, you'll find that the sky is the limit.

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