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11 years 2 months ago - 11 years 2 months ago #2086 by zzf7a55434
:huh: I should have done this earlier. OOps, let's hear it for the 30-mg-of-Valium-a-day semi-idiot.

Stuckey: You've got quite the stash!

Yes, I do.

Plus I have a gent of 100 years or so old [I've known him since 1976] that finds boxes in his attic [probably, but not absolutely certainly mined out] with batches of these tubes that were 'temporarily stored' with him in '73 [when he lived in Alameda, CA] by a guy who had just moved into the SF Bay area from Springfield, Mass- who never came back for any of it- and considers me an improvement over just tossing them in the rubbish, 30-odd years and 3 moves later.

I do have a junk pile on steroids, just most of it is 15 miles away. aand a stupid amount of the local stuff I can't get to with a recently dislocated shoulder.

Arcade video games, pinballs, parts, S-100 computers, and god knows what else.


and now on to other stuff;

My green LED battery-backed night lighting system is a solution to my spinal damage taking out the sensory feedback from my feet and ankles. I can't see a local vertical, I fall hard.

I'm using 14,000 mcd green 'straw hat' [160-180 degree illumination cone, eBay Item number 250685741345] in series strings of 3 + 150 ohms of resistor, 1-3 strings per room depending on room size. 20 ma nominal, I'm running them at 16.5ma for extended lifespan.

Green because human eyes can see 11 times better by it than red, plus the green LEDs put out over twice the light than available reds. No perceptible 'blind time' when the main lighting goes out.

I built the lighting supply-backup assembly in a spare mini-AT computer case hanging on the wall here in the computer room, the original p/s (removed the fan- but also the upper housing) supplies up to 4A of AC-on 12.4v, and that leaves plenty of room for relays, 7ah SLA battery & dedicated charger, 6 'zone' switches individually fused, etc.

So far I've not needed more than 6 LEDs to provide adequate light to a room, but I will be putting in some switchable white reading/worklight clusters for proper color discrimination.


BTW, if anyone wants a fairly inexpensive but super wide function DVM- hit eBay and search for the VC-99 from Vichy.

Cat II 1000v-to-ground insulated, 3-6/7 [6000 count] 1" display with analog bar, AC/DC v to 1000v, AC/DC current to 20A surge, 10A sustained, resistance to 60 megohms, auto-discharge capacitance to 2000 microfarads, frequency to 60 mhz, duty cycle 1-99%, transistor hFE test, even comes stock with a 1000 degree c temp probe.

reading hold, max/min display, relative reading mode- a real powerhouse for the price.

Kicks the tail off my old Fluke 77 mk. 1, and it was the bee's knees when I bought it....

Bob McMains,
broken joat
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