Nixie-based tube clocks

by Pixel Design

Price: TBD, currently $103 on eBay


Pixel Design Nixie Clock

I just found this clock on eBay from a new seller, Pixeldesign2009.  It is based on a Russian IN-8-2 tube and has a built in time base.  No more information is provided via the auction other than it has a "built in RTC clock."  I am guessing that it is just an inexpensive mechanism as precision does not seem to be the focus of this device.  Additionally, based on the description, this appears to be 24-hour mode only.  Lastly, no information is given on whether this is a directly driven display or multiplexed.

With all of that said, this could be a nice addition to any collection.  The tubes are pretty small and while no dimensions are given, I am guessing the clock is no wider than 6 to 8 inches. The case appears to be a black plastic and does not appear to be a kit of any kind.  For $100, this isn't a bad deal.

UPDATE 12-28-2009:

I contacted the seller via eBay and asked for more information on this device.  The following information was provided:

  • Software
    • Time display
    • 24-hour mode
    • Date display
    • YY:MM:DD mode
    • HH:MM:SS 24Hr mode
    • Programmable tubes shut-down by power switch and time still correct count.
  • Hardware
    • Tube module design: easy change tube module without soldering for tube life issue.
    • MCU running at 24MHz
    • RTC with battery back-up (CR2032 Lithium battery)
    • Tube's Drive mode: multiplex mode with PWM control for tube life issue.
    • 3 push buttons to adjust time and date.
    • Power supply: 12V 300mA DC 5.5/2.1mm jack with positive inner high
    • precision (10PPM)timebase XTAL(32.768KHz)
    • The Dimensions of it are (W.L.H)172mm x 59mm x 39mm and(W.L.H)172mm x 59mm x 80mm(With Tube Module).



by Tube Hobby

Price: TBD currently $300 on eBay


Tube Hobbie Nixie Clock

Tube Hobby has a handsome, fully assembled IN-18 clock with a wooden base for sale on eBay.  The current price is just under $300 with 4 days left on the auction.  Below are the specs provided in the auction but please visit the ebay link below to learn more.  They have provided links to the data sheets and the user manual at the bottom of the auction.

Technical data:


  • Time display
    • 12-hour mode
    • 24-hour mode
    • Programmable leading zero suppression
    • Programmable DST correction (Including updated DST rules for USA and Canada in 2007)
  • Date display
    • DD/MM/YY mode
    • MM/DD/YY mode
    • Leap year correction
  • Programmable tubes shut-down during night time
  • Smooth crossfading with selectable deep
  • Three visual effects
  • Selectable automatic date show
  • Selectable refresh rate of tubes
  • Tube's lifetime counter (16-bit)
  • GPS time and date synchronization (GPS receiver is optional)
  • Selectable time-zone
  • Cathode poisoning prevention


  • Sandwich type design
  • Microchip PIC16F876A main controller running at 20MHz
  • Real Time Clock with battery back-up (CR2032 Lithium battery)
  • Tube's drive mode: 3x2 multiplex (barely perceptible buzzing from tubes may be audible)
  • High voltage power supply with PWM control and software shut-down. Adjustable brightness
  • RS232 levels serial input
  • 2 pushbuttons
  • Power supply: 9-12V @ 800-2000mA DC; 5.5/2.1mm jack with positive inner
  • Incorrect polarity protection
  • High precision (10ppm) timebase XTAL (32.768KHz)





By Jeff Thomas / Resonant Instruments, LLC

Price: $299 / eBay


Jeff Thomas GPS Clock

Jeff Thomas has another great nixie clock for sale on eBay.  It is a $299 GPS 6-digit nixie clock that is encased in a clear arcrylic enclosure.  I have a Nixichron by him and it is easily one of the best designed clocks I own.  After reading the manual, this clock appears to have the same or a very similar setup.  The GPS feature is a very nice touch.  If you have ever had a power outage you will appreciate not having to reset this device.


Jeff Thomas GPS Clock

From the auction:

GPSII features: Chronometer precision, using GPS.

  • Auto setting on powerup (no battery backup needed)
  • Menu items are permanently stored in EEROM.
  • 12 or 24 hours display.
  • Programmable display disable at night.
  • Adjustable display brightness level.
  • Safe 12vdc 300ma operation.
  • A professionally engineered product.
  • Variable Scrolling Information Display.
  • PM indicator for 12 hour display.
  • Digital Temperature sensor with quarter degree resolution.
  • Nine different Chime offerings (including Morse code)
  • Alarm clock feature.
  • Addressable colon indicators.
  • Leading zero blanking in 12hr display mode.
  • Automatic DST offset  -incl 2007 changes (USA, Europe, Australia, manual N and S hemisphere)

Now go buy it before I do!

via eBay

More information here

By Mikkel Holm Olsen /

Price: Not for sale


End View Nixie Clock

This clock is based on a Metric A/S frequency counter and apparently this unit as part of a remote display.  I contacted Mikkel to learn more about the original unit but sadly, I have not been able to find any of these on ebay, surplus sites, etc.  Regardless, I really liked the design and thought it was fitting to add to this site.  I really like his construction and of the home made clocks I've seen, the wiring and PCB on this is probably one of the cleanest.

If you happen to have one of these sitting around, be sure to let me know!

Be sure to check out his site for more information:


Home Made Nixie Clock


Ever since I purchased my first numitron clock, I've been wanting to build a larger, 6 digit version using end view tubes.  I found the perfect kit by Richard White but the only problem was that I needed an enclosure.  While doing my normal research, I found the perfect host:


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