Nixie-based tube clocks

By Atelier graphique Kurth /

Price: $TBD/ Not yet in production


Concrete Nixie Clock


The vintage Z560M Nixie tubes, used in former East-Germany in the mid 20th century as numeric displays, were the inspiration for the design of Daniel Kurth's ( Nixie Concrete clock.

The Luxembourgish designer enclosed the shiny orange Nixie tubes in a reinforced rough concrete body which can optionally be wall mounted. The strength of this design lies in the application of 'retro technology' and its interesting combination of components and materials, where one is easily fooled as to what is old and what is new. All electronic components in this fully functioning prototype are assembled by hand.

Unlike other clocks that make use of Nixie tubes, this one does not read like a traditional display. Kurth experienced that clocks - regardless of their aesthetic value - sometimes form a disturbing factor in one's house, since being constantly reminded of the time can be stressful. By rearranging the display, one can enjoy the playful interaction between the 6 different tubes without realizing straight away what time it is. A short focus will however allow you to use it as a 'normal' clock. The time in the picture reads 10:23:54.

Check out the movies to see the full beauty of Nixie tubes.

The nixie concrete clock is a unique fully functioning prototype.
Daniel Kurth is looking for production possibilities.


Technical specifications

  • 12 / 24 hr mode
  • 160 x 162 x 87 mm
  • 3.3 lbs concrete body
  • 244 cable connections
  • Up to 200.000 hours tube lifespan
  • 12 V AC (comes with 220 V adapter)
  • Eco-saver automatic dimming function
  • Auto Detection of 1Hz, 50Hz or 60Hz clock pulse input mode
  • 6 x Z560M Nixie Tube (unused) running at 180 VDC with multiplexing
  • Dimming via push button
  • Handmade assembly of all electronic components
  • Handmade reinforced concrete body
  • Hand-drilled tube holders
  • Made in Luxembourg
  • Wallmount possible


All photos, videos and descriptions are © Atelier graphique Kurth

By Kev Stenning /

Price: $call / limited production of 10 units


Steampunk Nixie Clock


Nixie Clock Steam Punk Style.
Limited run of 10 only.
6 x IN-18 Nixie Tubes.
All Parts outside the Tube solid Copper and Brass Polished.
Gold Option.
Toughened Glass Tube.
Alarm, Time, Date.
The red stop cocks are the switches for setting the clock.
Hardwood and Brass Case.
+44 0208 533 7972
Agent and Gallery enquiries welcome.


By Enci /

$Not for sale


ENCI Nixie Clock

I first saw this clock come across the NEONIXIE-L message board in mid August.  From the second I saw this clock I knew I had to feature it here.  Most nixie clocks take a definite shape: a brick for a base and side view tubes mounted vertically on top.  Not this one.  End-view tubes are significantly less common and I have never seen a clock that has sixteen tubes (GN4 by ITT).

As much as I like the display portion of this clock, it is worth mentioning the quality of the build.  The aluminum chassis looks like something HP would have made.  The device looks like it belongs in some laboratory; I love it.

Topping off the features is a remote LCD display that also displays the date and time.

I won't take all of Enci's content; you'll have to visit his site for more information.  I am featuring these images and description with his permission and encourage you to go check out his site.  If you like his work, leave him a comment.


ENCI Nixie Clock



Key design features

  • Automatic time set from radio signal. Also works in manual set mode.
  • Accurate RTC, with long life battery backup.
  • Time and Date display, HH:MM:SS and DDMMYYYY
  • Remote display for extended output
  • Various display modes and effects

Rear Panel Controls

  • Time signal receiver interface
  • Remote display interface
  • AC power input – with voltage setting for World-wide use.
  • Mode setting ( more on this later.. )
  • Manual time setting controls.



ENCI Nixie Clock



By nico160381 / Nico Zurmuehlen

$179 / for sale on eBay (for sale as of 8/2/2009)

t.1972 Nixie Clock

While browsing through eBay, this clock jumped out of the hundreds of thumbnails on the screen. This is one of the very few nixie clocks that actually takes a hanging form factor.  I can only think of one other design that was intended to be hung on a wall and this one looks significantly better.  Of course, there is a catch.  This comes as a kit and you need to assemble it.  However, for $179, it is still a great deal.

From the auction:

The hardware is an single-board PCB.It has an own switching power supply, two nixie drivers(74141) a high precision crystal and a PIC-microcontroller on board.It is supplied by a 9V AC 5.5mm jack.

The Software in the version V4.0 F is very easy and confortable controlled by only one button. That means you setup the clock and correct the speed of the crystal by following a menu with only one button.

You can choose between date-mode or time-mode (in date-mode only the to neonbulps bolow glow in time mode the four neonbulps are blinking(with fading). All events in the calendar such as leap years are considered.

The very special and new thing is the FADING  of the nixie-tubes and neonbulps. That means  that the ciphers are not only digitally switched but faded in change from one digit  to the other. For example the "5" disapears (gets dark) and the "6" appears (gets bright).

This clocks are intetionally not radio controlled, because then you could not use it in any place and the recievers would disturb the clear design of the clock  For a very high precision the clock's crystal can be trimmed by the software.


Nixie Tubes Fading

Nixie Clock Assembled




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