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HV15W High Voltage NIXIE and Magic Eye Tubes PSU,Power Supply Module V1.0 Std.

The HV15W series high voltage power converters are typecial current mode boost converters which can accept 9 to 24V DC input,and output of 85 to 220V DC range set by an on-board 3296 trimmer resistor(For Lower DC input you get lower MAX DC output,read the details below).
It contains an ENABLE pin to turn the convert on/off,and can be controlled by an regular logic signal,like a MCU GPIO PIN.
No audible noise,intsead of NE555/MC34063 style PSU;

Typical Usage:

For driving NIXIE Tubes,Magic Eye Tubes and other applications requiring high DC voltage.

Typical Parameters:

Input:12V DC;
Output:175V DC;
Max power: 15W;
Max efficiency:86%;
Output setting:Adjustable with a single trimmer resistor;
Module size: 50mm*35mm*12mm(DC headers are not included);

Simple test by myself:

By using KTEC 12V/1.5A AC Power Adapter which is for my WD USB HARDRIVER,and driving a regular FSL 15W 220V~240V E14 light bulb(which I bought for my refrigerator before),the results shown below:

Max output voltage:185V with the light bulb turned on;
Power output:9W;
No audible noise;


This module is especially designed for driving NIXIE tubes from 12V DC to 175V DC,and you can get more higher voltage by increasing the input voltage,with a 16V DC input or higher ,you can get 220V max DC output.For getting higher voltage like 220V DC out from 12V DC or even lower input,you can change a resister on board by yourself,this extra resister is also included, but you may will get about 2%~5% efficiency dropping in high power output.
We may not be able to provide extra technology support!


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