Assembly problems - Arduino IN-14 Nixie Clock v44 "All-In-One" Clock

3 years 4 months ago #7465 by beahzander

Wow, I hope it wasn't too much work to find the fault. My guess is that I did that when I removed the RTC board (which I had soldered in directly initially) and replaced it with pins so that I could have flying leads. Anyway, if you wouldn't mind fixing the board - there's no reason to replace anything I don't think. Again, many. many thanks for finding and fixing the problem. And since this was totally my fault, please do let me reimburse you for your time and postage back to me. I look forward to finishing your kit up. Finally, do you have any recommendations for cases to fit your clock (with appropriate drilling, etc.). And again, thanks. Beah

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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #7466 by Ian
Hi Beah

not it wasn't too much work, in fact a little lesson learned for me: The next revision will have several more test points, at least one for each major section of circuitry. I found it by noticing the VCC at the controller was only +2V, and clearly that's not enough to make it go. Then I traced it back and localised it between the capacitor and the pin. I noticed a lot of flux around the header, so guessed it had seen some "action".

About the case, I am working with an artisan to make some high quality matured wood cases, but there is nothing final yet. They won't be cheap, though... each one is hand made, like the clock :), and this guy is a skilled wood worker.

I really have to get into the acrylic stuff as well, but it's a matter of time.
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