Sven clock vs mechanical clock in accurace

2 years 9 months ago #7075 by Pacman223
Wow, not much happening around here lately.. I'll give another update.

its now been 127 days since I started recording my clocks time. its now about .9 sec fast... which surprised me.. .. so after some calculations.. I decided it is running about .0075 sec fast / day.

Soo.. I can adjust it by .01 sec/week. I slowed down my watch .05 sec / week or around .0071 sec/day .. that should be about right. if this works it will be about .13 sec fast per year!

All this leads me to wonder what happens as my txco ages.. does it get faster? slower? we will find out.

I re-synced my clock, and now will wait around 100 days to see how the adjustment went! :)

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