2 months 2 weeks ago - 2 months 2 weeks ago #8055 by BS_Jim
I thought I'd share the last couple cigar box clocks I made (and gifted). First up is a small clock that started out with 5 CD66 tubes I've had for 15 years and an IN-3B for the ten hours tube. The IN-3B didn't work well in Ian's circuit so I changed it up to 6 IN-14's.
That fit too tight. So I ordered up some IN-16's and they worked out great.

My neighbor and friend for years really likes it

Next up is an experiment in thin-ness I tried because I really liked the box. I used IN-8-2's and an All-In-One board. The tubes only required a slight twist to work with the board layout for IN-14's and mounting a few of the bigger parts underneath so it would close.

I gave this one to my former boss at the radio shop that I worked at for over 20 years. I told him that if it ever gave him any problems to just pull the pin on the grenade behind it and that would fix it for good. He seemed to like it too.

If I ever get my soundbar clock done I'll post pictures of that one too.

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2 months 4 days ago #8065 by Derek_J
Here is my clock. It uses one of the new Rev 3 modular boards with the individually addressable LEDS. It is shown here with the 'ColourTime' backlight option where each number has its own colour.

The enclosure is a block of solid walnut kitchen work surface hollowed out. Really easy to make and quite effective.

Another new feature in the Rev 3 is an input for a motion sensor with tube blanking when the room is unoccupied. I used a microwave radar motion sensor embedded inside the wood. It still manages to detect movement at up to 3m.


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1 month 4 days ago - 1 month 4 days ago #8133 by nixie-N00b
Hi again,

here are two other clocks i finished some days before.

this one was a broken Siemens roll-clock, now it was "reborn" as Nixie-clock with 6 IN-12 and 2 INS-1 separators.

And this one is an old broken ESGE flipclock with 4 IN-12, 2 IN-17 and 1 INS-1 separator.
This is a small one, so special thanks to Ian for his small classic-nixie-clock-PCB.
Without this it would never fit i guess ^^

Regards, Sven
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